Monday, 13 April 2009

Following In Fenton's Tracks...ish

Hope you had a good Easter. Weather not at all bad was it? Been playing with my latest bit of photo kit which came from Halfords rather than Jessops. Great way of getting around Manchester/Salford. It also doubles as a brilliant disguise when cruising some of towns less friendly area's. I can wear a hoody, no helmet and I look like a drug dealer/car thief and I get left alone. With a set of panniers for my dinner and bits n bobs (4 cans of Stella) and attaching a Gorrilla Grip to the handle bars it doubles as a mobile tripod, superb! Kinda like

Roger Fenton's van that he used for photographing The Crimean War. Only in Salford and without the nasty chemicals, except the Stella of course..........


Unknown said...


take care of it. my bro in prestwich had his bike in a solid padlocked crate, with a u-lock through the back tyre bolted into 3 inches of concrete and another u-lock bolted to the wall through his front tyre. all this behind a padlocked gate and the buggers still came over the wall into his backyard with a selection of bolt cutters, ripped the final lock out of the concrete and back over the wall they went.

my bro wasn't in at the time but his neighbour heard some rumblings, went outside and asked the two young scallies what they were up to as they lifted the 900 quid bike over the wall. their reply, "we're nickin' this f$#kin' bike, what does it look like?" and they were off down the alley. proves to show, if they want it bad enough, they'll get it - four solid locks or not!


mark page said...

Too True. Mine lives in the house with me though, so they take it, they get me for free! Like your blog by the way, interesting stuff.