Friday, 17 April 2009


If you live in Britain you can't help but of heard of Susan Boyle. Apparently she's been all over the telly stateside as well. Watch the video of her singing, but watch harder the audience and judges before she starts singing. Cynical judges and spoilt little airhead sluts sniggering at the ordinary, nay, plain Jane on stage.
And then she sings and blows all them fuckers out of the water. And there at that moment was a split second when the west changed. As much as when the banks and capitalists got shown up for the Shylock's that they are, and the moment when Obama took office and we believed that some politicians could give us hope, there at that moment was the end of fucking talentless morons. Susan's microphone was a stake through the fuckin hearts of WAGs, Big Brother, fuck wits, Kate Moss, pretty boy racing drivers and all the rest of the wastes of skin out there, a split second when the earth shifted on it's axis and balance was restored.................... Well we can dream can't we?.

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