Friday, 13 February 2009

Why I first Fell In Love With Photography.

Sometimes I forget why I fell in love with photography. I can get carried away with "new photography", "gallery photography" clever talking and concepts. But it was Don MCullin, Salgado and photojournalists of that ilk that first turned me on to photography. Some commentators argue that photojournalism needs to find new ways in which to connect to a increasingly cynical audience, well that's where Duckrabbit come in. They are striking a wonderful balance between traditional photojournalism and digital presentations. This is done powerfully with INNOCENCE: Sri Lanka's Former Child Soldiers.
And as if that's not enough, earlier today Duckrabbit announced that one of there regular contributing photographer's Chiba Yasuyoshi has been awarded 1st prize in the World Press Photo Award for single image for this stunning photo.

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Toast said...

Cheers for that, that is very interesting work and perhaps an indication where photojournalism is going?

I saw that photo by chiba here, in this stunning collection and i really jumped out at me as did this one