Friday, 13 February 2009

Has The B Gone Bang?

I was going to write a bit yesterday about the "B of the Bang" and the fact that it's to be dismantled, but my Internet connection went down and well, I missed the boat on it as a story, but I will say this.
It was, along with other projects that began with the new century a symbol of the regeneration of Manchester and our renaissance as a city. I just hope that the fact that it's spikes keep falling off are not some kind of rusty great omen.........

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MartinTakesPhotos said...

I think the 'B' is for Brilliant..such an amazingly creative way to bring a split-second to life...bit like us snappers, eh?

Anyway, it's a shame it's going...and that's spoken as a Red who's quite happy to go down the road just to see the sculpture!!