Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Missed You.........

I feel I've neglected you lot, you Manchester photography regulars a bit. I've had my head turned by a new flame the bit of a tart that is EXPIRATION NOTICE It's been a bigger success than I think either myself or Stan could have imagined.
I've had to behave all grown up as well. Dealing with such a high standard of submissions, jeez we've had some good one's it's been humbling.
But I have had to bite my tongue a bit, and you know me, decorum has never been my strong point.
It was the comments we've received already or at least some of them. Like for instance this one is it all men? Do you know what I mean? You go to all this effort to put this together and you still get moaning fucks. Come on, do we really honestly think that women photographers still have to rely on positive discrimination to get by? Here you go just one.
I would have liked to rant at this person who did by the way submit, and just didn't make it, not because she was a women what did she want us to do let her through because of her gender? That's fucking sexist. Here ya go love, your pictures are OK but we'll let you through coz we need a female photographer so every one's happy.
I tell you what love, we will no doubt have several female photographers, we'll get submissions and the work will be tip top it'll get posted and then we may notice the name/gender/race/disability/sexual orientation/age.
Age, oh yeah that was the point.

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