Monday, 2 February 2009

In Atget's Shoes.

The above images are by Atget & Christopher Rauschenberg respectivly. Between 1997 and 1998
Rauschenberg set out to retrace Atget's steps and rephotograph many of the same views, he made over 500 of these images An audio interview can be heard here courtesy of Lens Culture. I like most photographers also love Atget, and was looking for things about him on the Internet when I came across this project below.

These images are by Atget and the University of South Florida Art Dept Paris Summer School, which again aimed to rephotograph Atget's Paris. This project was started in 1987 and some of it can be seen here.


Paul Capewell said...

Thanks for this! I've just recently been reading all about Atget.

mark page said...

I did my dissertation on him a fair few years back now, still love his work to this day. The "Daddy" of documentary photography!