Monday, 12 January 2009

BuRN Baby BuRN.

David Alan Harvey copyright of the photographer

Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey has had a blog for a couple of years. Called "Road Trip" I loved reading it. It would focus on the travels of Mr Harvey and was beautifully seasoned with little words of wisdom on photography and life.

As the months went by the comments section grew into quite a community and Harvey being the generous soul that he is, would organise get together's and portfolio reviews as well as open invitations for folks passing through NY to look him up!

In the last twelve months or so, he has also started an "emerging artists" fund, part financed out of his own pocket, is there no end to this mans generosity!

Anyway things have moved on and he's still as keen as ever to encourage the next generation of photographers, and has now introduced "Burn" There's stacks to see here from new photographs each day, photo essays, articles the "emerging artist" fund along with words of wisdom and encouragement from this top draw photographer.

I wish him and Burn all the best, It's nice when one of the good guy's has a chance to influence things a little bit.

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