Thursday, 15 January 2009

Anastasia Taylor-Lind

Image copyright Anastasia Taylor-Lind

I was on a tram this morning at 6:30am and there in the first carrage was a fella talking shit and drinking "white lightning". This to most people in our great nation is what would probably come to mind if you said Cidermen. However in small pockets of the country, I think maybe in the woods or somewhere like that, you get these men who dress like it's 1880 and make their own cider or zider I bet they call it, still. Why don't they just go "up the spar" like everyone else ? I hear you ask. Because it's traditional you plebs, that's why.

I'm glad people still do stuff like that. And it's nice that photographers like Anastasia Taylor-Lind are recording this for prosperity. Nice little sideshow presentation with interviews with The Cidermen here:

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