Wednesday, 17 December 2008

YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD TO ROCK n ROLL. old English proverb.

I've been a bit slow on the blogging front here at manchesterphotography I know. But there has been a reason for it, I've not just been "swinging the lead". I, together with Stan B from Reciprocity Failure been busy plotting and putting together the skeleton of an online gallery that we are just about to release on an unsuspecting photo public. I say a skeleton of an online gallery because we need to fill it with some wonderful photography, and that's where (some) of you lot come in.
After various online debates about ageism within the art world and the fact that "emerging talent" really seems to mean "young talent" and the fact that if you've not made it by the time you're thirty-five you are going to struggle. read here: and here: and other places as well which I can't find now. Add to this the fact that so many competitions have a cut off age around thirty and it was all beginning to piss me right off.
So me and Stan thought well lets play them at their own game only we'll put out a shout for over thirty fives. All that life experience, technical experience less of a willingness to swallow the latest art photography fad, and we should be onto a winner. We are going to do a proper press release after we've got Crimbo out of the way but I wanted you lot to be the first to know and hopefully submit. So if you want to appear in the first crop you need to be over 35 not have gallery representation and of course be fucking good!
For guidelines contact details and general info go here to our shiny new site.

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