Thursday, 11 December 2008

Fresh Milk.

Okey dokey, first up tonight M.I.L.K (moments of intimacy, laughter, kinship) OK so it should spell M.O.I.L.K which of course is nonsense so they pretended the word "of " is not included but I digress. M.I.L.K or Fresh M.I.L.K coz it's the second time they've done this, eh? clever! Is calling for submissions. 150 lucky people will get their work published in a book called yes you guessed it M.I.L.K, and also get $500 and one sod will get $50,000 which is stacks! You will be judged by Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt. You have till New Year's eve. Oh and bloody wonders in photography competition world it's free to enter (take note critical mass & others).

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