Saturday, 27 December 2008

Goodwill To All Men.

Well was it a good un? Mine was. I know I'm a moaning bastard but I do really love crimbo. That whole Christmas bubble surrounded by people you love, usually family thing. Keeping the world at bay for a while.

But that's over now so listen up. This fella is beginning to piss me off it was one of the first photography blogs I read. It's been around since the the begiining of the known blogging world......... about ten fuckin minits. But already it's become some kind of establishment as far as (western) photography is concerned. Oh God if there's one thing that Mancs hate it's establishment, always been a trouble causing bunch. So anyway a little bit like the Queens speech and the "alternative" message

Is this brave of Channel Four or do they just love playing Devil's advocate a little bit like me?

Anyway in response to this self opinionated fuck wit, (the blogger I mentioned not Mr Arab world, although you can see how ego's grow) I give you my Things I'd love to see less of in 2009
  1. 10x8 Banal photo's that look like they were shot by Alec Soth's younger less talented brother (or sister)
  2. Found photo's passed off as original art work.
  3. Blogger's that voice opinions, but dismiss those of anyone else.
  4. Crap photography books published because some photographers names will sell any old shit.
  5. Shit photography posing as art.
  6. Bad typologies posing as something else.
  7. Photo bloggers who are arrogant enough to think that their opinion written over a couple of paragraphs is as relevant as anything written by Roland Barthes, John Szarkowski, Walter Benjamin.
  8. Photo blogger's who can't even be arsed doing a top 10 of things they hate.



Anonymous said...

Priceless ... its the lack of a sense of humor in those bloggers that gives it away .. how can someone write '3. inter-blog discussions' but then not allow comments on their blog, just in case someone writes something that hurts their feelings?

To me popularity is proof that there are a lot of sheep out there ...

mark page said...

Do you know what I mean?
It's partly fear of offending someone that they think can forward their careers as far as the readers are concerned, and just plain old ego for the bloggers.
The internets great for setting yourself up as an expert on something. I may run this blog for a year or two and then swop to who knows?

Anonymous said...

you know Mark you might just be onto something there ... actually lets be honest most of this stuff is detached from reality ... actually the more I get older the more I realize that reality is detached from reality ... someone from a PR agency who has persuaded some dim client that blogs really matter rang me up to try and get stuff on me blog ... I asked who the client was and then emailed them suggesting it would be more influential to pin up a note in their local supermarket ... you can get there is you really, really want it, but you'll have to be a fraud along the way and then all the trappings will hang heavy around your neck

Anonymous said...

by the way Mark that Lowry picture has been my favorite since I was seven and my Aunty Anne brought me a book of his paintings after I fell in love with the daft song.

Maybe we should hook up and make a piece of multimedia around this ... get it in the Lowry museum? Be a poerful piece .. maybe environmental portraigts ... people taking about what Lowry meant to to them ... not up your arse but reral and honest and true ... bet the museum would love it ... what you say?

mark page said...

Interesting Idea. Maybe worth a think about. Once We've got "Exiration Notice" up and running may well take you up on that!