Friday, 2 May 2008

New Martin O'Neill Book & Exhibition.

Image copyright Martin O'Neill

Watch this: and then imagine being a young photographer and being at Joy Division's 1979 Bowden Vale gig. Well Martin O'Neill was, and at The Smith's etc etc. A teenager in the 70's/ 80's with a camera and a mission, fixing times from our lifetime in classic B/W, "yes my boy" I was a youth myself then and how fucking cool was it........ A little too young (13 in 1979) but wrote joy division on the stripes of my Adidas (All Day I Dream About Sex) school bag in "biro" along with "Have a break have a kwik krap" Grew a "wedge" and formed an attitude. Martin O'Neill's book "Don't Miss This" and forthcoming exhibitions I hope will take me back......... Now where's me "Second Image" jeans & me purple KIO's............!.htm

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