Sunday, 11 May 2008

Kaylynn Deveney

Image copyright Kaylynn Deveney
Kaylynn Deveney's work is concerned with ageing and domesticity, and this is explored in her touching and increasingly well known first book, "The Day-To-Day Life of Albert Hastings".


Vijay S. Jodha said...

We live in youth-centric times and media portrays ageing as a negative idea while corporates are forever trying to push products that supposedly make you younger or arrest the process of ageing. This work is therefore both interesting and timely. I had worked on something similar over an eight year period that turned into a traveling photography show presnted by the United Nations and a well received book. More info at

mark page said...

Thanks Vijay, you are of course right. I know the older I get the more I notice it. On a plus though I think that Art is one of the last bastions where age and experiance still count for something.............. I will check out that link.