Monday, 24 December 2007

Season's greetings from me & Brent Clark.

Image copyright Brent Clark

Well that's it. Christmas is here, the year is almost done, and I wish each and everyone of you, a great Christmas & a happy new year. Thanks for reading the blog, and thanks for sending in links to your work, I have felt very honored to see the work of so so many talented people with unique views of the world. And that brings me nicely to the work of Brent Clark.

Considering what a big event Christmas is I can't think of many photographers who have made work about it. I may be wrong (sometimes I am!) and please get in touch if you can prove me wrong, but I can't think of anyone. I think I would have just thought it had already been done to death, but I honestly can't think when. I could kick myself for not thinking of it! But Brent does it justice. Take a look here: Merry Christmas.

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