Friday, 21 December 2007

Black Friday

Image copyright Mark Page

Today is "Black Friday" this is not referring to the fact that today is the shortest day of the year, although that is also true, but the fact that many thousands of Brits will be trying to get as shit faced as possible throughout the course of the day. Last weekend and again tonight, the police and local authorities will erect a Field hospital in one of the new showcase area's of the shiny new city centre. It will be there in Cathedral gardens along with medics, free water and the like, to mop up the nights casualties of drink & drugs.

Now maybe it's that I'm getting old or maybe it's that for the last month or so I've been working with people with dependency issues, but is this really how we should be heading as a city or a country? You would never think it, but being drunk is illegal, as is taking drugs, so why do we pander, no encourage people to do these things by installing "drunk tanks"? Farts out there will say it's just facing up to the problems that are there, I think it's just giving up after taking as much Money as possible for the city's leisure businesses.............

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