Sunday, 16 December 2007

Never fade away.

I suppose, like most photographers I get asked for favours from friends and family. Will you do our wedding? wheres a good place to get prints done? followed by will you do them? will you come to jessops and help me pick a camera?

One of my favourite favours however is photo-restoration. This tends to be for my own family, or sometimes for friends. I always try and do it, I think it's important, and only an hour or so on photoshop at the end of the day. The above photo (before) was passed to me by my girlfriend, from a friend of hers where she works. I have no connection either to this girl or the young couple in the photograph. All I know is that the couple are her grandparents and it is the only photograph she has of them. As I was working on restoring it, I started to think about the people in the picture. They look so happy, on their big day, with their whole lives ahead of them. I hope they had a nice life. I did my best to restore the only lasting image of them. It's been re-printed now a few times, and is nice and safe on disk.

And now as I publish this post, they are off to start a new life together in Cyber-space. I wish you both well and it was nice to meet you both...

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