Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Why Sean O'Hagan is a Big Smelly Fart...

I'm probably taking The Guardian's Sean O'Hagan REVIEW of Roger Ballen a little bit personally. So that's why I'm name calling, that and the fact that far from being a serious piece of Art criticism O'Hagan seems to be doing the same. Although at first glance it may look like a review of the show currently on at MANCHESTER ART GALLERY he seems more concerned with Ballen's personality and skill as a public speaker than talking about the work. I normally agree with much of what Mr O'Hagan has to say like HERE for instance.
This time though I think he has been bloody lazy I don't think he has even seen the show although with the links it leads you to believe he has and is reviewing it. I'm not putting Roger Ballen on a pedestal, hell the man has got a terrible taste in fleeces and corduroy trousers, I'm just expecting a Guardian Art critic to try a little harder and have a little bit more respect for one of photography's more interesting practitioners, but perhaps that's my mistake. For a more worthwhile read try HERE.

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