Sunday, 22 April 2012

David Dunnico's '1984 LOOKS LIKE THIS'

I'm aware that already the tone of the reinvented MANCHESTER PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG has descended into negativity and bitchiness. So lets lift the mood with something positive. I don't mean CCTV that's not positive unless perhaps when I was a security guard and we would wile away the long nights watching people get jiggy behind the wheelie bins at the side of THE PRINTWORKS. No on the whole CCTV is a bad thing. Unless it helps catch rioters, muggers and other lowlifes, then perhaps? No CCTV is definitely a bad thing. Of course if it helps cut down acts of terrorism well... OK so CCTV can be OK it's BIG BROTHER who's a C##t.

And on a positive note David Dunnico's exhibition at Salford Art Gallery that's definitely a good thing.

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