Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Here We Go Again.

I don't mind the Royal family they're a hoot, and if nothing else they make me grateful that my own family function so well. I know all the pomp and ceremony that the world laps up is about the only thing that GB plc is any good at these days, fuck we even have to share boats with the French. Without the Queen & CO we would be about as well known on the world stage as say Luxemburge. See I can't even be bothered learning how to spell that place.
What I hate is all the shit news coverage that we are going to have to swallow over the coming months. "I thought Kate did so well at the press conference" cooed some stupid 'preppy' looking old tart of a Royal corespondent. Did well? all the girl had to do was stand up and smile. Although that's a good start, the previous occupier of the glass slippers she's about to fill was today described by Martin Bashir as "No great thinker" which made me laugh.
So a toast to the new Royal couple, and all the tea-towels, mugs, plates, T-shirts, secret lovers, nervous breakdowns, divorces, addictions, abdications, thieving butlers, billionaire Arab playboys, toe sucking army officers, racist remarks, drink problems, madness, etc etc. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN AND ALL WHO SAIL IN HER.


Unknown said...

I know I'm lining up for my set of plates NOT.

Mo Takes Photos said...

Oh, I must have missed that news...NOT !!
Nice one!