Tuesday, 9 November 2010

An old chesnut.
By no means a new topic, just a new set of pictures raising again questions of exploitation. This time it's Donald Weber's series 'Interrogations'. You're bound to have seen the interview with Weber over on Colin Pantall's blog. I like a lot of Weber's work but in my view this series is lazy, predictable and to use a word from my youth 'tight'. OK Weber has travelled a great distance and made contacts and been patient waiting for the Russian coppers to start acting like the pricks they no doubt are. I reckon it would take me or anybody else about ten seconds to realise the outcome of putting these people in a room with these coppers in this country and that the chances are that they ain't going to get a good meal and a neck rub. Weber's pictures do nothing to show me anything I wasn't expecting. We seem to have moved away from starving Africans and replaced them with prisoners and inmates as the new morally acceptable easy target documentary subject . What is it with VII agency? Join in the debate HERE. I'm off to photograph Iain Duncan-Smith making dole scroungers cry.

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