Friday, 8 October 2010

Image copyright Christopher Churchill

I can't remember if it was Tod Papageorge, or one of one of my old lecturers who said "you should have a reason to use colour ". So tell me, would colour add anything at all to the above image?
Top picture by
Christopher Churchill one of my favourite photographers from the latest crop from HEY HOT SHOT.


marcus doyle said...

Imagine golden light, subtle greens, a rusty coloured engine and perhaps a red T Shirt on the small boy.
I actually think this would work, as an image, in both colour and black and white although the message may be quite different in colour.
A very interesting and beautiful project.

mark page said...

True. But you REALLY see colour, it's central to your work, but many current photographers use it for no other reason than it's the 'done thing' I love how even the thought of those colours excite you!

chris churchill said...

Funny you should ask. It was actually one of the only images I made in the 6 years of working on the project where I wish I had a sheet of color film.

mark page said...

I love it just the way it is! And the rest of the project come to think of it.