Sunday, 31 October 2010


I bought some art today. I went to THE BUY ART FAIR and bought the above plate, a couple of little collectors books and a T.Shirt by Tracey Emin. I like Tracey Emin she uses the word 'cunt' even more than me......

Anyway running alongside THE BUY ART FAIR which mainly consists of an awful lot of shit ( think bad graffiti and air brushed naked ladies,think 1980's heavy metal album covers or pictures of confused looking cows painted in a naive stylie on hills that look like boobies) is THE MANCHESTER CONTEMPORARY which is not shit, and is getting bigger and more interesting each year and is where I got my bits and bobs from. I know perhaps I should have bought stuff by an 'emerging Artist' rather than by Tracey, but to be honest Tracey's stuff, although maybe not as limited was cheaper!

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