Friday, 7 May 2010

press release! 'OPEN CITY'

Image copyright Mark Page

"Five renowned Manchester photographers are taking part in an afternoon which is aimed at working towards Manchester being an ‘open city’ for photography. Organised by Cityco, Manchester ’s City Centre management company, 100 Manchester Confidential readers will be taken on a free two hour photography tour around the city on Sunday 23 May.

Manchester aspires to be a photography-friendly and accessible place where people don’t get hassled or arrested for taking pictures. We’re talking to the authorities to work together to move towards us becoming an ‘open city’.

Photographers, who include Aidan O’Rourke, Andrew Brooks, Len Grant, Paul Herrmann and Mark Page will each take a group of budding amateur snappers on a themed photography workshop and a selection of the best images will form an exhibition to be held in the Triangle shopping centre in June. Each photographer has his own unique style, and is passionate about the city, and together they are helping to make Manchester a destination for photography
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I'm proper pleased to be involved in this after all the bollocks about people getting stopped and hassled left right and center. I'm pleased and proud that Manchester is taking the initiative and positively promoting itself as a photography friendly city.


Mo Takes Photos said...

Sounds great..good luck with it

Andrew Gardner said...

Great idea...hopefully the idea will travel to other cities where this is needed. Good luck!