Tuesday, 25 May 2010

'Brass Neck'

Image copyright Mark Page

A ZERO TOLERANCE Sticker on a window at Manchester Town hall. The same Town hall where Sir Richard Leese was reinstated last week as leader of the City Council.....


David-E said...

Zero Tolerance is Marxist propaganda used to break down families - same as other domestic violence propaganda.
Men suffer domestic violence and false allegations which are used to separate them from their children, home and assets. False allegations of domestic violence are known as 'the silver bullet'.
Abuse by females is generally covered up and rarely reported because it does not suit the Marxist agenda of politicians and councils to breakdown families and communities. Destroy families, you destroy society!


Tim Loughton: Let me finish and I certainly will.

In support of its claim, the NSPCC cites the fact that 29 children were killed over the past 10 years during contact visits to non-resident parents. That is an appalling figure. However, it ignores its own research, which shows that over the same period some 800 children have died at the hands of resident parents or carers, and the 2000 publication "Child Maltreatment in the UK", which showed that violent treatment was more likely to be meted out by female carers than male ones.

mark page said...

'Violence against Women and children is a crime' is simply a factual statement. I'm in no way a commie but I still don't think you should hit women & kids.

David-E said...

Shouldn't hit anyone - there is no need to separate it into just women and children.
Violence against Men, Women and Children is unacceptable.