Monday, 15 March 2010

Tracey Emin

Painting by Alan Hawkins
She's fucking bonkers Tracey, 'mad Tracey from Margate' that's how she gets portrayed. I love her, have done since I first went to Uni back in the 90's. Here was an Artist who didn't "have a plumb stuck in her mouth" as my Mum would say. She's still unaffected and straight talking and has loads of wise words for aspiring artist's. See her interviewed HERE.

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Paul said...

I think you have probably summed her up to some degree - she can be contoversial, fuck, she can booze and she can swear but she just cannot fucking draw - make various pitiful marks on paper, Yes - but draw? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS, and that demented crew at the RA should be ashamed of their decision to make her a 'Professor of Drawing'. It it wasn't so disgusting it would be hilarious.