Friday, 12 March 2010

Pilgrim Power.

I've just added the blurb to 'PILGRIMS' over on my homepage. It reads thus........

"Manchester United are the biggest football club in the world and I love them. I've wanted to make work related to them for a long time and this, the 09/10 season seemed like a good time to do so. as it's the centenary of Old Trafford, the clubs ground.

Like the club, the ground is also world famous with estimated yearly visitors (excluding match days) of 330 000. If Old Trafford was a church and to millions it is, it would be right up there on the pilgrim trail. Focusing on the PILGRIMS who come in their thousands to visit and more importantly have their photographs taken at the famous landmark, arose this series of portraits. I have along with their family and friends taken their pictures as proof that they were there at Old Trafford. Allowing the subject and designated family photographer to decided the pose and position I now have a set of other peoples travel photographs......

In keeping with the aesthetic, all images where made on a digital compact and printed by a high street shop."

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