Friday, 12 March 2010


Video by Foto8

No two ways about it when it comes to opportunities to show photography and resources/places to see photography, the UK lags behind the US and much of Europe. Your HEY HOT SHOTS and CRITICAL MASSES are in the UK as rare as a creative bone in a Manchester Councillor's body.

And so it is with great pleasure I can announce the birth of something British and photographic.

CONTACT EDITIONS is brought to you by Anna Stevens & Emily Graham and is a chance for selected photographers to show and sell prints, video interviews with said photographers and others plus competitions, slide shows, exhibitions and fresh bread. (I made the last one up to see if you were paying attention, you were well done.)

They are also running a blog, CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG which has loads of good stuff on.

Although based in London they are already featuring three Manchester based photographers SEBA KURTIS and LOCK & HENNER so none of that London centric nonsense. Give a big cheer and your ongoing support.................

Colin, you pipped me to the bloody post!

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