Monday, 15 March 2010

Stan Does Blurb.

Image copyright Stan Banos

My Yankee mate, fellow blogger and top photographer Stan Banos has taken the Blurb route to share his excellent series 'SMALL REWARDS'. See a preview and buy HERE. Read about it HERE. Some people sneer a bit when it comes to Blurb books, but I've got a Steidl book with an Ink splat on one of the pages so nothings perfect.

Having been down the Blurb path myself last year and working on a couple more at the moment, I know that it may be 'print on demand' but a lot of work and thought still went into it. I've been happy with the quality as have two "proper" book sellers who now stock it. So viva Blurb and viva Stan's new book!

1 comment:

Stan B. said...

Thanks, Mark... And I can't tell ya how many Name Photographer books I have where the reproductions aint nothin to jump up and down about!