Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Really Wild Post.

Image David Spears.

I've said it before but I keep doing this blogging in no small part because of the people and organisations I come across. I get people sending me all kinds of links to all kinds of weird and wonderful webby places. And this is no exception;

"Hi Mark,

My name is Melissa, and I work on Rentokil's blog>.I just wanted to let you and your readers know that we've just posted an interview with David Spears, a science photographer who specialises in macro photography.>. I would greatly appreciate it if you let your readers know about it.
Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,Melissa Campbell"

This is one of the more surprising ones! Who would have thought that Rentokil would have a blog. Go take a look. Cheers Melissa I did enjoy it.

While looking up David online I came across THIS. 'WILD FILM HISTORY' website which has got some great films on it. Brilliant this Internet.


Danusia said...

Hi Mark,

Glad you liked our blog, David's pictures are amazing aren't they?

People are surprised we publish a blog, but usually they are even more surprised when we follow them on twitter using @rentokil!


Anonymous said...

Indeed the internet is brilliant.

Thanks for sharing this Mark and respect must go to Rentokil for being more inventive than the other pest control companies!

mark page said...

If ever I want something 'terminating' they'll be my first choice! I wonder if they do city councils?