Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ramiro Chaves

Image copyright Ramiro Chaves

Take a look at "Miramar On Laguna Mar Chiquita" by Ramiro Chaves on the FOTO8 site along with the sweet, haunting music by Juana Molina. So good I watched it again and again and again.


marcus doyle said...

What fabulous work.
It baffles me how so many agent types dislike those FOTO8 slide shows. I love them.
Hope alls well,

mark page said...

Some have in the past been a bit hit n miss, but this one, with the editing and the music being just right hit the spot for me. I'm well ta mate, trust you are and settled after the move?

marcus doyle said...

Just about settled in now. Found a 30/40" box full of prints I had forgotten about, just need to sell them...!

Stan B. said...

The guy made my day...