Thursday, 9 July 2009

Please, Talk Amongst Yourselves About Mermaids & Fake Stairs...

The offending piccy by Naughty but Nice Edger Martins.
Not posting for a day or two, got a bit on. In the meantime there's this warming up to keep you occupied. My view is that as Marcus Doyle says it's gone on since old Foxy Talbot was a lad. What I will say though is that as it gets harder to trust the photograph you need to be able to trust the photographer more and more. Although to be fair to Edgar Martins it's only playing around with some stairs for aesthetic reasons, not faking mermaids frolicking in The River Irwell (now that's an idea)

Anyway Martins not had a chance to reply yet, No such thing as bad publicity though eh?

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