Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Seba Kurtis, 700 Miles............

Image copyright Seba Kurtis

Sometimes you can get "blogger block" (that's copyright of me by the way) and then you end up fucking about doing silly posts like the last one, and that's what was happening tonight. I was just finishing off my bedtime glass of red, (a little more Rock n Roll than Horlicks but only just) when ping my inbox gets a new message.

Hallelujah, to that when I read it. It was from Seba Kurtis telling me about his new show entitled "700 miles" that's opening here in Manchester from 19 Sept - 07 Nov 2008 at Kiosk Gallery, AMC Foyer, Great Northern Warehouse, Deansgate, Manchester. Opening hours 10am-10pm.

In brief it's about illegal immigration in the USA largely Mexicans, and the worry by White Americans that their culture and lifestyle are under threat, (ring any bells UK) Anyway this is one exhibition I am really looking forward to. Also take a look at Seba's site for other great work as it doesn't stop with "700 Miles", oh no! and here for more details and here as well and here for details on Kiosk Gallery although as usual their site could do with an update! Seba was born in Argentina, and having been an illegal himself in Europe for five years this work is seasoned with plenty of self-experience. Seba is now based here in the North-West and for that we should be truly grateful...............................

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