Tuesday, 23 September 2008

New Work By Old Friends.

Image copyright Julian McKenny
Three photographers previously featured here have new work on their sites for us to peruse, peruse eh, my misses hates it when I swear on the blog and I have been the last couple of posts, so I'm trying to be eloquent eh, eh so I'm starting by using words like peruse and eloquent.

Enough, pray tell of this new work, Mark. First photographer Julian McKenny and his new series "Despicable Lies" (No nothing to do with the Labour Party Conference) at http://www.processional.co.uk/ and David J Colbran from Liverpool way has been photographing mural artists here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidjcolbran/sets/72157607228359042/ and last up Rob Ball. Now I'm not sure if this is new work or has been online for a while "The Great Eastern" but if not so what? I love his work anyway. http://www.robball.net/ OK that's my swear free post done. I thank you.

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