Friday, 5 September 2008

Massive Attack @ Castlefield.

Yep, I obviously had not been paying attention because I only found out really about this yesterday. I remember the "Becks Fusion" thing going on last year in Manchester but didn't pay it much heed as the main event was happening in London with the Chemical Brothers. This year the organisers must have realised that if you really want a party then Manchester is the place. So yesterday my ears pricked up. Massive Attack and Art you say, FREE you say, I'll have a bit of that I say. So off I went down to Castlefield. "Can I have some FREE Massive Attack tickets please?" I asked waiting for the posh southern blond girl in the ticket booth to laugh in my ugly northern face. "Sure no problem" she chirped in an annoyingly pleasant manner.

Now of course non of this helps you lot unless you've already got tickets, as I believe they had to be won. Yesterday's give away was just a token for locals, so sorry if I've got you all excited. You could get on the old railway line behind, (But I never told you that, but it does bring me to a future post, more another day) Anyway if your not going to the huge FREE Massive Attack/Art extravaganza you could go to New Islington's folky festival thingy instead, organised in part by Urban Cash. Urm Becks & Massive Attack or homemade Ancoates cider & Banjo's? Still, we will be united by the fact that we are all going to get piss wet through............

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