Monday, 23 June 2008

The Tony Wilson Experience......Experience

Well that was a pretty big weekend. I think I've recovered, just, and I didn't even do the full 24! What I gleaned from the whole event I'm not sure. It was entertaining, It made me proud of Manchester, well at least Manchester as was. Steve Coogan said we needed to maintain the spirit of the place and was a little worried about all the shiny new building's and lack of "Crisp Packets blowing about" which may explain why he's buggered off to Brighton to live. Frank Sidebottom who's like Marmite, was well, Frank Sidebotton. Sir Richard Leese was a bit bullish and nearly made some poor bloke cry when he complained amongst other things about The Free Trade Hall being turned into a Hotel. The fella went as red as his hair.
Phil Griffin was as knowledgeable as ever, Tom Bloxham freaked me the f**k out by guessing which one of his developments I'm moving too, and Shaun Rider and Bez made "cocks" of themselves as per.
All in all it was a good first event, "fine Art" for want of a better word was under represented as was photography, but hayho that's just Manchester and that point was put to Sir Richard by one of the great unwashed with which I include myself. I got a long list of Manchester's young creative's which I'm going to go through and show some of here. Oh yeah and a signed copy of a script from the film "Control" which may soon be winging it's way to Ebay...............

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