Saturday, 29 September 2007

Don McCullin

Image copyright Don McCullin

Don McCullin has been given an award by The Royal Photographic Society well done, I should bloody well think so! Although he has a C.B.E I have never understood why he has never received a Knighthood. He has covered nearly every war since Korea and even now at the age of 72 is still working.

He is one of the reasons I switched from wanting to be a painter to wanting to be a photographer. He was one of the first photographers whose work I really looked at and whose work I really wanted to know about. I read his autobiography over and over again, it was like my Bible for a couple of years. I remember My camera was an Olympus, and swapping it for a Nikon when I found out that was what the great man used, and of course the story of how it stopped a bullet when he was photographing in Vietnam.

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