Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Bert Teunissen

Image copyright Bert Teunissen

Bert Teunissen's work fits beautifully into the domestic theme. His stunning photographs taken over a decade, record mainly domestic interiors from around Europe and also Japan. A modern Dutch master of the interior?

Photographing the Light in Places That May Soon Be Lost
But for the occasional modern accoutrement — a microwave in Belgium, a row of 2005 calendars in Spain — Bert Teunissen’s photographs of Europeans at home could have been captured in the remote corners of the continent a century or two ago. Weathered faces gaze out from surroundings patina ed through generations of use. Fireplaces the size of caves radiate heat across stone-slab floors. Hams and sausages age on hooks dangling from massive wooden beams. A dog wiles away a lazy lifetime at its owner’s feet. Read more

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