Sunday, 25 October 2009

Impressions of Bradford.

Today I went to visit my books at THE IMPRESSIONS GALLERY book fair Bradford.

First stop Manchester Victoria station, gateway to the world.

I'm full of contradictions me. "News of The World" but brown sugar.

A horse.

Country folks houses.

Thank you it's nice to be here.

First impressions.

The optimist in me thought sending 4 books would be enough.
And as you can see by the crowds I may have been right. I forget sometimes what a minority game we are in.
My manager, assistant, financial backer, harshest critic, biggest supporter and most importantly, my lovely misses Sarah.

The slight time delay on my little Ricoh caught Sarah out thus decapitating me. At least that's what she said.
Wearing robot dressing up gear from an unusual exhibition to find in a photography gallery, toy robots? I can't begin to express just how bad that mask smelt.

You get to a certain age a couple of pints and you need a nap........

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