Sunday, 11 October 2009

Harvey Benge.

Image copyright Harvey Benge.
It's great this blogging lark. Oh there's times when it's a bit of a slog, times when you really can't be arsed and you wonder why you bother. But one of the fringe benefits to it, and one of the main reasons I've continued doing it as long as I have is that you get to meet, albeit online, some really interesting people and great artists. People who get what you're about with your work and views. I have over the last couple of years been truly humbled by the caliber of Artist's who have encouraged me with their kind words.
Harvey Benge is one such Artist.


marcus doyle said...

Nice stuff that, thank you for sharing.
You had any royalty cheques from your blog ads yet..?

Mark Page said...

I have so far had one for $100. Apparently the future of advertising is online. I should think it is. $100 and so far I've had over 66,000 visits. That sounds like a bloody bargin to me......

marcus doyle said...

Well then, I shall look forward to a $10.00 cheque..