Friday, 9 October 2009

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2009 @ Cornerhouse.

Image copyright Andrew Curtis

Made it down to Cornerhouse to see this years NEW CONTEMPORARIES. And glad I did too. Could be THE Manchester show of the year so far (I know that's not that hard to achieve at the moment in this current cultural wasteland we call home) This apparently is the crop of current Art school talent and if it is, the British (mainly London some scots) Art courses seem to be in fine fettle.

The pleasing thing for me was the amount of Lens Based work included. I would estimate that a good third fell into this category. Personel faves were Frances Blythe, Felix Frith, Teresa Eng, Andrew Curtis & Barbara Wolff.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2009 selected by Ellen Gallagher, Saskia Olde Wolbers, John Stezaker and Wolfgang Tillmans. Until 25 October, go see.

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