Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Daniel Lillie.

Image copyright Daniel Lillie.
Square black & white photo's of British working class males? Get out of here! Who cares about that. You can't just use black n white and medium format you fool. You need one of them big camera's, you need colour, you need gimmick, sorry an "angle" and come on these days you certainly need to direct the subject like in a movie. Get them to stand really really still or something for fucks sake.
And talking about subject, the working class, please. Aren't they now just all scroungers? or drug dealer's? Oi wheres the lager swilling hoodies in the park, you can't do the working classes without lager swilling hoodies in the park. The Mail need people to demonise and The Guardian readers need to do some "hand ringing". Lovely red faced allotment men, and old shopkeeper types now that's OK. And come on make an effort, a council estate near where you live? Nobody makes photo's that close to home anymore, you could of at least gone to China.
Well done to Daniel Lillie for blowing all the above shit out of the water with his utterly refreshing "I'll See you On The Far Post"

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