Sunday, 6 May 2012

Nii Obodai

Image Nii Obadai

Never featured a Ghanaian photographer on the blog before. Not sure why. Never seem to hear about African photographers in magazines or here in blogland. We should do, and then all the American and European photographers could stop flying out there making work about places they don't understand. All the 'Heart of Darkness' guff we get. Like HERE for instance.

Obodai's photo's have a gentleness and a peace, things you don't normally associate with Africa thanks to the usual photographs and film we get to see. There's not loads about him on the web. A bit of a technical type interview HERE and this little film.

And a bit more HERE He  does have a website HERE but there's not much on it. Good job then that he's showing work in Manchester at The Whitworth Art Gallery from June as part of the 'WE FACE FORWARD' festival.

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