Monday, 21 May 2012

AM projects.

Image Tiane Doan Na Champassak

The AM in AM projects primarily means after midnight. AM projects is a like minded, international group of photographers. I heard about them through Olivier Pin-Fat the only Brit in the gang and a fella who's work I love. I featured him on the blog way back at the start of 2009, that's how fucking on the ball we are here.

  • Photo collectives
  • Alternative processes
  • Night time
  • A bit of sleaze
So then AM projects is bang on the money for me. The group consists of our OLIVIER and pay attention here coz there's some of them difficult foreign names, TIANE DOAN NA CHAMPASSAK see GERT JOCHEMS, ESTER VONPLON, DAISUKE YOKOTA  and AARON McELROY plenty of links there, if you are at work that's the whole day skived.
Image Olivier Pin Fat

The official launch of the group is happening this coming September at the Dutch photo fair that is UNSEEN AMSTERDAM   but you heard it all here first.

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