Thursday, 6 January 2011

Invitation from the Shpilman Institute For Photography

I know MANCHESTER PHOTOGRAPHY readers are a clever bunch. I know that even now as I speak, some of you have recently finished your Master's and may be looking for your next challenge? Is there some burning issue to do with photography that you feel needs the time (and money) for some serious academic study? Read the below email go and have a look and I'll stick a link at the side for you if you decide to have a pop........ Good luck my fine MANC brains..............

Dear Mark ,

My name is Anat and I'm a researcher at The SIP - The Shpilman Institute for Photography.

The SIP is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote an open discussion about the meanings and functions of photography and related media. The SIP aspires to facilitate, promote and initiate research, open debate and creative work in the fields of photography.

I invite you to browse through our blog institute's blog, (which is really interesting: Mark) which we consider as a conceptual hub, dealing with visibility through community based cultural exchange. We welcome visual and conceptual collaborations as part of our ongoing activity.

We have been disseminating our first annual calls for research during the first weeks of December. As we are well familiar with the contents of your blog, we thought these calls for research may be of interest both for you and for your readers.

We will be more than happy to send you our calls, so that you will be able to distribute them to "Manchester Photography" members and readers.

All the best,

Anat Movshovitz
Research assistant!/thesip

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