Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Dalia Khamissy

I received this, today from Benjamin over at DUCKRABBIT. And HERE to see more of Dalia Khamissy's work.

About 18 months ago I had an idea to bring the important stories some photographers tell to a very large audience. My dream was to combine a radio documentary presented by a photographer, combined with a photofilm of their work. The biggest audience I could think of was the BBC World Service, so I took it to them and they decided to pilot the idea.

Since then I've been working with the Lebanese born photographer Dalia Khamissy (thanks to Joerg, at Conscientious) and American Joseph Rodriguez.

Today the first documentary and photofilm were published (it will be played worldwide seven times on the BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4). Its about the estimated 17000 people kidnapped during the Lebanese civil war and never seen again. Its a genuinely brilliant piece of presentation by Dalia Khamissy (the documentary) ,with some great photos and video for the film (which is really meant as a teaser for the documentary).

Few know about the Missing in Lebanon, which is why I think it's an important story to be heard. Not because the broadcast will change anything dramatically but because memory is resistance against the same atrocities being repeated.

Please take 5 minutes to watch the film and if it moves you,
download the podcast of the documentary. For those with blogs the film is embeddable. And a tweet would be much appreciated or a link on Facebook. Dalia deserves enormous respect for this work. It was a brave story for her to take on.

Hopefully the BBC will commission more programs of this nature, which would be great for photographers working on important stories who would like to reach a genuinely large audience.



Jennifer said...

Twitter quitter! Wanted to twit you about Chimney Pot Park on Relocation. Phil Spencer said Salford is the place to invest, go go Salford.

mark page said...

Yeah Jenny he thinks because of the BBC. I think myself that some may move to Worsley but most BBCers will head to Didsbury, Knutford, Hale ec or simply rent at the quays during the week and stay living in London, but we will see. Twitter? far to busy for me this old timer could'nt keep up. Hope you had a good Crimo and that you are well.

Adam Thomas said...

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