Thursday, 8 July 2010

'OPEN CITY' Preview night.

Andy Brydon from CURATED PLACE at tonight's preview of the 'OPEN CITY' show which opens tomorrow for real and goes on until 29th July @ THE TRIANGLE. It was a great turnout for what I think is a great initiative, and after talking to Vaughan Allen at the 'do' this is just the first event in an ongoing campaign to make Manchester a safe and hassle free destination for photographers. And of course the event happened on the same day that the HOMEOFFICE has come out and announced THIS. Big step that this is we 'ain't out of the woods yet' so we need to continue to assert our rights to take bloody piccy's as and when we want. Vaughan & CITYCO want to know of any incidents where photographers have been stopped for or stopped from, taking photographs in the city centre. If it's happened to you then they can be contacted HERE. And if you want to take part in the next 'OPEN CITY' photography day on 17th July 2-4pm run by yours truly and costing a recession busting tenner then contact me at
Now I am aware that it's all been a bit Manchester centric around here for the last few posts and we will travel further afield for a bit starting tomorrow, promise.
Looks like a gallery eh? Well it's not it's an empty shop. Great space though.


Albano Garcia said...

Congrats. Looks great. I love the exhibition poster in Helvetica too.

mark page said...

Cheers Albano, sorry for the delay!