Friday, 27 November 2009

Winter Warmer.

New Moston in December.


Hi All,

Hope you're well - I'm writing with an online photo request and hope you have a few moments to share your insight -

I'm looking for a contemporary art photograph that says WINTER - I'm planning to feature the photographer in my holiday email, which drops next month. All of us are spending time with quality photographs on a daily basis, so I'm hoping you have some compelling suggestions I should consider?

I put out a call on Flak Photo's Facebook page and a handful of solid submissions have already come in. This is very informal - I'm hoping that some of you can point my eyes at some interesting work to fit this project.

Feel free to share the call with fellow blogger/photographers you think would be interested in contributing ideas - artists can submit their images at min. 1000 px wide to my attention at

Thanks in advance for your time - talk soon!


Andy Adams
Editor / Flak Photo

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Francesco Gallarotti said...

I tried to leave a comment on the facebook page but it seems that comments are closed at the moment or maybe I am just unable to see the link to comment?
Anyways, I'd like to submit to your attention a picture of mine from last year taken in Long Island, NY during a snowy day. Please find the picture on my personal portfolio at