Sunday, 1 November 2009

Four pictures from my new ongoing series SEMI-DETACHED. Here they are ready to go to Urbis to be included in a group show together with the MEATYARDS ARTS collective. Although the series is not complete I thought this would be a good chance to give it it's first airing, (and I'm getting bored with keep looking at "25 Weapons")

"Could there be a more utterly British dwelling than the Semi-Detached?
Straddling social divides and sharing partition walls the Semi is king of suburbia,"
Is the tag line for the series. The exhibition is on between 4th & 12th November at Urbis, Cathedral Gardens, Manchester.

All Images copyright Mark Page
Cheers to Marcus Doyle who sowed the seeds for this series!


marcus doyle said...

I really love this series, but its one of those thats takes a long time. Its not the starting, its getting the flaming thing finished.. But certainly worth doing, and yes I wish I had thought of it..
Thanks for the link!

mark page said...

Cheers Marcus!

Stan B. said...

Those look like fun!

mark page said...

Hi Stan,
yeah I'm enjoying doing it and I'm finding out about and looking a little bit harder at England. The land I love & loath in fairly equal measure.