Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Urbis V The Lowry

Two galleries two exhibitions, The Lowry, "THE MYTH OF THE NORTH" perhaps it should be preceded with "HOW TO PERPETUATE "cod terrace houses (even more plastic looking than Urban Cash) eeh bye heck it's Bloody Black n White up north! a fucking exhibit of a place of work........ A mock up of a factory, what was there no factories down south? or no offices up north? Coronation street, taste of "fucking" honey, no QUEER AS FOLK ?, CUTTING IT? COLD FEET? nuff said.
Urbis HACIENDA, something that put us on the map, made Manchester the coolest place in the world to live, for a while. Nothing else to say in connection to Wilson though Because I'm getting sick of it... next time Bernard Manning.....(joke)................... STOP PRESS.............NEW SHOW AT TATE BRITAIN "mabe it's because I'm a Londoner"..

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