Thursday, 16 August 2007

Tony Wilson

Although everyone knew he had been ill for a while it still came as a shock when he died. I think everyone had an opinion about Wilson, love him or hate him I think we all had to agree that he loved Manchester. It is agreed that he was one of the architects of Manchester's revival, and It is agreed that in the eighties & early nineties he made it a cool place to live.

The trouble is that not long after The Hacienda closed Manchester started to lose that cool. It's been said a thousand times before that the Hacienda being turned into flats (I refuse to use the term apartments!) was symptomatic of the way that Manchester was going. Money men have moved in and made a killing on the back of that cool and in the process have turned the place into well I'm not sure what. I know that "town" now on the whole is dull. I know that we have the same shit shops as everywhere else, I know that most of the bars are banal, and I know that although a lot of city centre loft residents are having a ball, ten minuets down the road kids are still getting shot and little of that money finds it's way there unless it's to buy a house that some old couple have been forced to sell. So yes I will miss you Tony because if Manchester has ever needed a gobby bastard it's now...................

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